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Light Grey Granite Headstone and Base Memorial with White Flowers Design and Rustic Edges (VW173)

From: £1,039.00

Product Description


Light Grey Granite Headstone and Base Memorial with White Flowers Design and Rustic Edges. This memorial can be supplied in a different colour and material. Please request a price for your preferred colour or material.

Additional information

Dimensions 12 × 24 × 30 in


What is included in the price

What Is Included In The Price

The following comment only applies to headstone memorials, full kerbsets and cremation memorials (it does not apply to Vases): This price includes 90 letters in 23.5 ct gold leaf or enamel letters, fixing into the cemetery & V.A.T. If the memorial is 2 feet high or higher and the cemetery or churchyard requires the memorial to be secured with an anchor bolt (not all do) this would add £59 to the quote.

The prices for extra letters (over the 90 included in the memorial price) are as follows (VAT included):

Lettering on Granite

  • Cut & Gild – £2.15 per letter – using 23.5 carat gold leaf
  • Cut & Silver/Black/White/Other – £2.05 per letter – using enamel
  • Maintenance Free – £2.05 per letter – flush to surface (wipe clean, no dust collection)
  • Cut-only (deeper cut) – £1.50 per letter – no gold leaf or coloured enamel but still visible when wet

Lettering on White Marble, Nabresina, Portland and Dove Grey

  • Cut & Gild – £2.15 per letter – using 23.5 carat gold leaf
  • Cut & Silver/Black/White/Other – £2.05 per letter – using enamel
  • Cut & Lead (flush) – £2.50 per letter (if lead chosen add £31.50 to memorials basic price)
  • Cut-only (deeper cut) – £1.50 per letter – no gold leaf or coloured enamel

We do not count full-stops or commas.

Hand cut letters are available at an extra cost. Raised lead letters are also available at an extra cost.

Any photo plaques, chippings or statues are not included in the price displayed above, even if shown in the picture.

If the cemetery or churchyard is outside of one of two radius lines from our factory in Essex there may be an area charge payable in addition which will be included in your quotation. However our prices are so competitive that we have found that, even with this area charge, our prices are still very competitive when compared with more local masons – and our service and the quality of our workmanship means that we keep being asked to supply memorials throughout the UK from our base in Rayleigh, Essex.

Information needed for a personalised quote

Our personalised quotations are created so that the price is then guaranteed for 28 days – even if our prices rise after that quotation is issued – and simply by adding your signature in that time period you can immediately turn it into an order.

For this reason we need all of the information shown below:

  1. Your name, home address, email address and contact number (preferably your mobile number)

  2. The cemetery name and location, the deceased’s name and the grave number – needed so we can check with the cemetery office what their regulations allow and the permit fee payable

  3. Your choice of memorial, the stone colour and the headstone height required

  4. The full inscription – including any opening line such as IN LOVING MEMORY OF – so we can calculate the total character count

  5. Whether a space needs to be left for one or more future inscriptions to be added

  6. Any additional features that you wish to add ie a photo plaque or hand etched portrait, or a design or statue

  7. If the memorial has kerbs we need to know what kerb filling you want

Why Use Abbey Memorials

Why Use Abbey Memorials?

  • First Class Customer Service – We Regularly Receive Orders Based On Personal Recommendations From Previous Customers

  • Complete Memorial Planning Assistance

  • Peace of mind – we are members of The National Association of Monumental Masons

Burial Fees

Burial Ground Fees And Additional Information

Burial ground fees are not a set price, so please call our freephone number 0808 159 8500 to speak to a member of our staff who will be able to help you.



The following comment only applies to headstone memorials, full kerbsets and cremation memorials (it does not apply to Vases): This price includes 90 letters in 23.5 ct gold leaf or enamel letters. You are able to add a custom inscription to any of our memorials from the order form page.

If a memorial image is shown on the website with an opening line ie “In Loving Memory Of” this is shown ONLY as an example and is not part of the memorial order unless you choose to include it as part of your inscription – where it will then form part of the 90 letters allowance. Equally, the flowers shown in the images on the website and in our brochure are shown for demonstration purposes only – they are not supplied.

We are here to assist in obtaining the most suitable memorial for your loved one. This ranges from selecting the right memorial design and stone, advising on a suitable inscription, handling the permit application process and keeping you informed throughout the 10 Key Stages.
Each Cemetery and Churchyard have unique regulations as to which Memorial will be permitted into their location. Having been an established Stonemasons since 1979, we have compiled a huge database of regulations enabling us to be able to accurately guide you to a suitable memorial for your location. Whether it’s a Headstone, Full Kerbed Memorial or Cremation Memorial we have you covered.
As buying a memorial is a very personal process, we believe our service should be too. We like to engage with our clients to ensure that every detail has been covered from the material, inscription (wording on the memorial) and designs to create a unique and lasting tribute for your loved one. Why not get in touch today and let us guide you through the process?
We have been delivering Nationwide for over 40 years. Whether it be Aberdeen, Birmingham, Cardiff, Derby, Exeter, Glasgow, Hull, Ipswich, London, Manchester, Norwich or Southampton, we are more than happy to deliver & fix your memorial. If you live between John O Groats and Lands End we can help!
Here at Abbey Memorials we believe in transparent pricing which means NO HIDDEN CHARGES in our Quotation-Order forms. Our website prices are the base prices for each model but all individual personalised written quotations that we prepare and issue will account for any additional charges that may apply – depending upon the burial ground regulations, the location of the burial ground in the UK, the proposed inscription and any other feature you ask us to quote for. For example, our Distance Area Charges can be found here: Areas we supply.
Allocating an order to stock – or ordering non-stock items from our overseas suppliers – can only take place when the permit has been granted and the second deposit has been paid. This is in case the permit is denied or varied by the Burial Authority (forcing a change in the memorial order) or a customer delays paying their second deposit.

The memorial prices shown on our website are for guidance and are subject to review without notice and may need to be altered to account for any changes needed to the design of the memorial to comply with the burial ground’s rules and regulations.

No order can proceed without a formal quotation-order form previously being produced based on your specific needs which will include all additional items that you may wish to include – or exclude.

We honour a quotation if the order is placed within 30 days of the date of that quotation – even if our prices rise as a result of a product review following the issue of that quotation.

Our Conditions of Sale are on the reverse of every Order Form. Condition 19 allows us to increase the memorial price of an Order if a customer delays supplying us with information or delays paying to us the required deposits in a timely fashion and our material costs rise during that delay period. We reserve the right to increase the price if our suppliers of our stone and/or gold leaf and/or our shipper’s charges rise by more than 10% after an Order is placed.

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