Full Kerb Memorial Extras

The following images are of some of the kerb fillings that we can provide for kerb set memorials. The prices shown are for a quantity that would be suitable for a 6’6” x 2’6” grave plot with 6” high kerbs. Prices will vary if the grave plot is a different size.

The prices include the supply and installation of a concrete chip bed whose sole purpose is to raise the floor of the space between the kerbs to reduce the amount of chippings that you would otherwise need to fill the kerb space. This keeps your cost lower than it would otherwise be if the kerbs space only contained chippings.

Glass chippings and glass beads and glass pebbles are colourfast and do not fade.

Coloured marble and crystal chippings are dyed and whilst the manufacturers state that they are colourfast and waterproof some fading may occur over time due to the effect of sunlight on the organic dyes used. Such fillings should only be purchased on this understanding.

We can supply you with a small sample of many of these kerb fillings to view – or you can see them in our yard if you can visit our site.

All prices shown are based on us installing these kerb fillings at the same time as we are installing the memorial.

If otherwise you wish to simply purchase any of these to be put with an existing memorial please call for a quote – we will then deduct the price of the concrete chip bed and then quote for either:

  • you to collect the material from here or
  • for us to deliver to your address or
  • for us to visit the cemetery to place this material with the memorial.

All prices include VAT and are subject to change. An order placed with us will have the price guaranteed for 30 days.

Black Glass Chippings - £155
Cobalt Blue Glass Chippings - £155
Green Glass Chippings - £155
Lilac Glass Chippings - £155
Turquoise Glass Chippings - £155
White Porcelain Chips - £155
White Marble Chippings - £155
Red Glass Chippings - £295
Yellow Glass Chippings - £295
Pale Pink Glass Chippings - £395
Pale Pink Crystal Chippings - £180
Bright Pink Crystal Chippings - £330
Lavender Crystal Chippings - £170
Purple Marble Chippings - £155
Lilac Marble Chippings - £155
Orange Marble Chippings - £225
Mixed Orange Glass Chippings - £395
Grey Slate Chippings - £155
White Glass Beads - £225
Clear Blue Glass Beads - £225
Sugar Pink Glass Beads - £225
Iridescent Red Glass Beads - £295
Red Glass Beans - £375
Iridescent Ink Blue Pebbles - £295
Green Glass Pebbles - £245
Purple Glass Beans - £375
Black Glass Pebbles - £245
Amber Glass Beads - £225
Yellow Glass Pebbles - £375
Everton Blue Glass Beans - £245
Ink Blue Glass Beans - £245
White Porcelain Chippings - £215
Turquoise Glass Beads - £245
Turquoise Glass Pebbles - £245
Coral Pink Stone Chips - £155
Quartz Chippings - £155
Grey Granite Chippings - £155
Gold Coloured Natural Crystal - £235
Orange Glass Beads - £245
Black Polished Cobbles - £150
White Pearl Pebbles - £150
Yellow Polished Pebbles - £150
Red Polished Pebbles - £150

The use of clear glass beads or chippings and a painted base beneath can offer a unique opportunity to have a truly bespoke and unique design painted on that base – and one that can be changed at a later date by having a different design painted.

For example this can be effective with a child’s memorial as it can add colour all year round, unlike flowers that continually have to be replaced.

In another example, clear glass beads can be placed down the centre of a kerb space to resemble a stream with rocks, pebbles and/or gravel placed either side and plants inserted within the stones/pebbles/gravel – the base beneath the glass pebbles or chippings would be painted green/brown – or may blue.

Different effects can be achieved by mixing materials ie mixing black glass chippings with silver grey granite chippings can offer a nice contrast when placed within a polished black memorial kerb set – or within a light grey granite memorial kerb set.

The use of black glass chippings with a black polished granite memorial can look spectacular – and represent an excellent backdrop for an inscription in gold leaf or silver enamel (plus any other designs).

We can design a memorial for you that has a mixture of chippings (or beads/pebbles) and soil – it need not be a choice of one or other.

As we make all of our memorials to order it may cost no more to have a memorial designed to your liking rather than use one of our standard models.

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