Summary Of The Three Stage Payment Process

  • 1st payment – payable with the Order Form – 20% of the memorial price plus the cemetery/churchyard permit fee – this enables us to apply for the cemetery or churchyard permit.
  • 2nd payment – 70% of the memorial price – this is asked for once the permit has been received. Once we receive this payment the order is confirmed and we place the order for the stone with our overseas suppliers (or allocate it against existing stock if it is a stock item). This is when our usual 12 to 16 weeks manufacturing lead-time begins from (or less if it is a stock item).
  • Final payment – the balance 10% (plus or minus any changes made to the original Order since it was placed) – this is invoiced for after we have fixed the memorial into the cemetery/churchyard.

Some customers choose to pay in full at the outset. This does not speed up the process involved – other than starting the 12 – 16 manufacturing window as soon as we receive the permit rather than when we receive the second deposit.

If there is a specific deadline that you would like us to consider ie a birthday or the first anniversary of the date of death/burial please let us know right at the very outset and we will comment on the possibility of achieving this – having regard to all of the above potential delay issues that can arise.

We can never guarantee fixing a memorial on or by a specific date due to the many things that can happen that are beyond our control – so any order placed with us will be on your acceptance of this. We do, however, always endeavour to meet a stated deadline – and usually we do.

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If you have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us. A member of the team would be happy to discuss your requirements and help you on the way to select a perfect memorial.

    Please use the Quotation Request facility that is on every memorial web page. This will help us provide your quotation more quickly as we will ask you to supply us with what we need to provide a quotation.

    If your quotation is for a bespoke or non-standard memorial please choose a memorial web page for any one of our Headstone and Base memorials or a Kerb Set memorial (ie the memorial type that matches the type of memorial that you are looking for) and use that Quotation Request facility, stating in section 2 what is different about your request. Thank you