Hand Etched Portraits and Designs

Many people want to remember their loved ones by adding a ceramic photo plaque or an etched portrait to their memorial. A photo plaque involves supplying us with a photograph which we then arrange for its image to be embedded within a ceramic plaque. We then attach the photo plaque to the face of the headstone. A separate list is available from us upon request of the sizes, shapes and prices of our wide range of photo plaques. An etching, however, is created by hand by our artist.

Each image is etched into the polished surface of black granite (or polished dark grey granite) by hand on a dot by dot basis (a little like how images in newspapers used to be created).

The contrast effect of the different tones in an etching is achieved by our artist removing more or less of the polished surface, revealing the granite’s natural, light grey unpolished colouring beneath. It takes many hours to produce such images – which is reflected in the cost. However, the finished product can be expected never to deteriorate (providing no polish is ever applied to it).

The only disadvantage with this form of image is that when the stone gets wet the grey areas go dark and shiny again – as if they were polished – and, temporarily, the image will disappear – re-appearing again as the stone’s surface dries out. Any orders placed are on the acceptance of this fact.

Hand etched portraits are more expensive – reflecting the fact that these take many hours to produce and are, in fact, individual pieces of art.

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