Coronavirus Message

Please read: COVID-19 Update December 2020

With the announcement of the latest National lockdown we remain open – as a manufacturer - to provide quotations, accept new orders, process existing orders and manufacture memorials but we cannot see customers face to face or accept visitors to our Head Office and yard. We ask potential visitors/callers to instead use email (the preferred method of communication) or the telephone or the postal service to raise any queries.

Due to the problems caused by the end of 2020 to world shipping by Covid19 we – like many UK manufacturers – are experiencing severe delays in receiving raw materials from the Far East. The stone will arrive but the shipping delays are adding weeks to the normal timescale and shippers are substantially increasing their charges. We have no control over this

Where possible we will continue to prioritise the manufacture and installation of older orders first.

Memorial installations will depend on (1) cemeteries allowing us to do so during this latest lockdown and (2) when we are next able to visit that part of the country to fix three or more memorials (which is factored into our memorial pricing strategy)

Higher than normal demand for brochure packs, quotations and orders has meant that our office staff are currently not able to respond as quickly as we would like with issuing these items but we will respond as quickly as possible. Remote working, periods of enforced Covid-linked self-isolation or actual illness have added to the possible slower response times

Thank you for your patience during this difficult period. We hope for everyone’s sake that 2021 is a better year than 2020 proved to be.