Coronavirus Message

Please read: COVID-19 Update Apology March 2021

Potential New Customers: In recent weeks a substantial increase in demand for brochure packs, quotations and orders has meant that our office staff are currently not able to respond as quickly as we would like with issuing these items - for which we apologise.

Taking on new staff to help meet this demand is not practical at this time as the increase in demand may only be temporary - plus training new memorial sales advisers takes many weeks time and would, in the short term, further delay issuing quotations at this time whilst a key member of the quotation staff trains such staff.

There is an imminent increase in the prices of our memorials – the first in four years – but existing outstanding quotation requests will be processed on current prices.

Current Customers: We have been experiencing delays in obtaining memorial permits from some cemeteries in the UK due to cemetery offices either being short staffed or prioritising burials and cremations over memorial permit processing. We have no control over this.

Due to the problems in world shipping caused by Covid19 we – like many UK manufacturers – are experiencing severe delays in receiving raw materials from the Far East. These bulk orders of stone will arrive but the shipping delays are adding weeks to the normal timescale and shippers are substantially increasing their charges. We have no control over this.

Memorial installations will depend on (1) when we receive the permit, (2) when the stone arrives in our factory and (3) when we are next able to visit that part of the country to fix three or more memorials. Single region, multiple fixes on the same day is something that is factored into our memorial pricing strategy – which is advised before an order is accepted.

Thank you for your patience during this difficult period. If you are not able to accept any delay please note that most other stonemasons are likely to be in the same situation as ourselves.