Coronavirus Message

Please read: COVID-19 Virus Notice 24 March 2020

In accordance with Government instructions our factory is closed until the restrictions on safe working are lifted.

However, we are still able to:

  1. Answer your queries

  2. Issue Brochures and Price Lists

  3. Issue Quotations

  4. Accept Orders

  5. Apply for cemetery permits

  6. Issue inscription layout documents

  7. Take deposits and invoice payments

  8. Order your stone from abroad – if it is not a stock item in our yard

The only things that we cannot do at the moment are:

  1. To see you in person – telephone calls, emails and letters are to be used. No callers can be seen.

  2. Manufacture memorials – because this cannot be done at home

  3. Fix the memorial into the cemetery – because this is not essential work – it can be done later

If you have any queries this is how you can contact us:

  1. By telephone on 01268 782757 – our answering service will take your call and email the message to us.

  2. By email on is our preferred communication route at this time

  3. By letter to this address

Whichever communications measure you use we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible.

Please be patient with us if we are not able to get back to you immediately.

This is all new to everyone.

Working remotely from several different locations can pose problems and delays – especially if any of the information needed is on paper documents that are stored in our closed offices and a visit is needed by us to the office to review that documentation.

None of this is ideal.

Whilst we are very mindful of the emotional importance of the memorial to you there is a much more serious problem at the moment in the World that has to be dealt with first.

We hope that with the measures that we have been able to put in place we can continue to offer you the best possible service that the circumstances allow.